Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Air

Listen to my voice.
I am the whispering autumn air.
I sound softly in your ears.
I caress your cheek with my cool breath
I fill you with my energy each time your breathe me in.
I wrap my arms around you and play with your hair.
I am all around you, within you, inside you.

As the Earth Turns

i breathe the crispness of autumn air
and miander onwards without a care
leaves crushed beneath my feet
through yard, forest, field and street
and i can feel the earth turn

my mind drifts through memories
images fall like leaves from trees
melancholy, mirth and energetic glee
my life, my time, everything me
and i can feel the earth turn

sounds of traffic, a distant roar
like endless waves upon a shore
dreams and hope arise from each
what lessons will this day teach
and i can feel the earth turn