Thursday, July 25, 2013


darkness of hour and with heavy head
i strive to find the desire for bed
the calm outside and warmth of air
soothes my mind. So without a care
i write as if my hands are free
and think of us, our happy three.

visions impressed upon the brain
re-enacted at once, and then again.
though distance denies, i feel near
to the ones that i hold dear
i miss this pleasant company
and think of us, our happy three.

with fingers tapping and wine in hand
i remember moments that were so grand
and smile because they felt so real
and look forward to repeat with zeal
again i say with resplendent glee
i think of us, our happy three.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


gentle splendour of summer sun
you rise out from the gloom
pushing back the dark grey clouds
to bring new blossom to bloom

your kind heart feeds the wanton leaves
and nourishes at dawn
bringing light to life and with it to,
the time of flower and fawn.

your eager glow and warm embrace
a kiss upon the land
touching that lies under rays
with a caressing hand.

as day ebs, you bow your head
and sink into the ground
to let dusk come and let night rise
until days break is found.

Jolly Thursday

The day bakes and summer beats down
The flowers crane their heads skywards
Inside the air is cool, but my dreams are outside.
Torso exposed. Skin craving suns touch.
Ice cream, cold beer, iced cappuccino.
The trusty Westy bubbling on the windy road.
To Fall River, along the lakes.
Wind gushing through open windows.
A dip in the cool water.
Flesh left glistening.


softly swept out from the shore
driftwood comes and is no more
among the waves and surf and foam
it rocks and floats til it finds home.