Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catching Up

Strange how time passes by and old routines become forgotten. New peaks, canyons and chasms create a different landscape, the path left behind is left behind and only memories remain. In the still hours of midnight the chill air keeps me awake as it permeates in from the distant ocean. Thoughts miander, like cracks appearing in an old wall. A steady stream of uncontrolled consciousness that drifts further which every drope. Stay close, let go and follow.

The dog barks at invisible enemies while it sleeps on the couch, paws running to or from, here or there. Without waking its walks are replayed.

A glass sits empty on the table, the smooth surface muddied by smearing fingerprints. Refill awaits. The elixir burns the throat and soothes the mind. Gentle oblivion. A chance to float, everything is softened. Mood docile and accepting. Day distractions aside, the nightime silence is for reflection and analysis. A smile creeps and fades as events are cast aside. With renewed vigor comes the opportunity to rebuild. Stride forwards, upwards. Adventures await to wake the slumbering soul. New challenges lie ahead that will test, taunt and torment. Beyond awaits the prize. Stretch out fingers, feel every muscle and sinew tighten. I studied history and hated it, such an obsession with what has past. So many rules to be cast aside. So much that needs to be thrown into the abyss. Tomorrow warrants a new journey.

Time for bed. Until the next time, bye for now.

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