Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunny Day

sun shines out in a sky coloured blue
the grey blizzard gone for a while,
cold surrounds, but fresh kind chill
that livens the soul, and sharpens
the breath envelopes while we wrap
in layers of increasing thickness.
the walk is welcome, the air cleans
lungs with its cool crisp taste
the clouds of our breath disappear
like incense in the wind.
marvel at the beauty, the bewildering
variety of life, its pulse.
those around amble on, they pass by
and continue on their way, shoulders
shrugged against the season.
what thoughts fill their time, what
life do they lead, what are their
dreams, what hope do they hide.
is it the same day as mine.
watching sun pass to moon, day to night
beauty pass by and all feel sublime.

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