Tuesday, November 24, 2009

While you Sleep

In the morning haze
beams light your soft shine
they fill you with warmth
and colour your aura azure

Your steady sleeping breath
touches my ear, the rhythmic
rise and fall give me peace
Eyelids closed, calm, kind.

My fingertips glide upon
Your exposed thigh, wrapped
across the thick feather duvet
Golden light stirs like ripples.

Tempted to wake you from slumber
I restrain, allow my eyes to
Absorb your slumbering stillness
A picture etched forever.

I breathe your breath, join
Your motion. Sense your world
Immerse myself in the current.
Control seeps away.

Soft voices from far away
Echo in thought, joined memory
Laughter, eyes shining.
Sun on our skin.

You wake, I open my eyes
A kiss from your lips on my
Forehead. A glow of love.
Outside the sky is blue.

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