Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cheeky Chappie & Sexy Lass

Cheeky chappie slaps his thigh
and says with face a smile
"come sit by me and let us see
if we can't fondle a while"
Sexy lass with eyes a rolling
steps up to the bloke,
looks him in his face and says
"you make me want to choke".
"aw, hun" says he, with gleeful mirth
"don't play so hard to get,
as what I have and what you want
are in my pants I bet"
says she to he, "just fuck right off,
you're nothing but a freak.
That is not what I'm looking for,
you know not what I seek."
The cheeky man he laughs out loud
"I guess I'm out of luck,
perhaps a fondle is no good...
but hey, how about a fuck?"
The response from her was to the point
Frank and very blunt.
"Piss off you twat, let that be that,
I'm only after cunt".

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